MasterCraft Models maintains one of the largest selections anywhere of executive quality, desktop display models, and autographed historical prints and artifacts. Our extensive collection makes finding the best gift easier and rewarding. Aviation Stock Models Custom Models Limited edition prints Photographs and artifacts autographed by war heroes, adventurers, astronauts and survivors of significant world events Limited edition lithographs and prints with high quality matting and framing Autographed models replicating the history making originals to scale and in great detail Model airplanes and model ships Master craftsmen shape these highest quality models from fine mahogany or state-of-the-art composites with remarkable precision and attention to detail. Fine sanding by talented artists between each primer and top coat provides a brilliant, ultra smooth surface ready for authentic nose art, intricate decals original stripes and special markings. A final coat of clear polyurethane seals the finish for lasting protection to preserve that just out of the box look. Your limited edition heirloom can be passed confidently from your generation to the next. The end result is an executive quality, desktop model airplane or ship that can be proudly given as a gift or displayed prominently in your home or office. These custom crafted replicas make excellent conversation pieces and memorable keepsakes. Commemorate the early years of flight with wood model airplanes including the original Wright Flyer Celebrate the triumphs of history with almost any historic military aircraft model you would hope to find such as P-51, B-29, B-25 and many more Show your American pride with spacecraft models including your favorite space shuttle model from the now retired fleet Remember important naval battles with a desktop ship model aircraft carrier, destroyer or patrol model boat model Helicopter models, commercial model airplanes and civilian aircraft models like Warbird, Lockheed, Boeing, Cessna, Beechcraft and Airbus Shop confidently with an industry leader with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Century Concept

Our products allow the owner to own a piece of history.

Military Heroes and Mariners, Aviators and Astronauts, Daredevils and Survivors of Cataclysmic Events share a place in this extraordinary collection of inspiring keepsakes and conversation pieces. Their unique stories show skill and bravery by ordinary people and how they changed the course of the world. Century Concept International makes sure they are not forgotten so they can inspire new generations.

Founder Ed Humphreys has traveled the world representing true American heroes like Enola Gay Pilot Paul Tibbets, Enola Gay Navigator Theodore Van Kirk, WWII Triple Ace Col. Anderson, Flying Tigers Triple Ace David Lee "Tex" Hill, and Titanic survivor Millvina Dean. His love for history and the people that made it happen help him breath new life into their memories with the personal contacts and friendships he continues to make. His dedication and attention to detail enable Century Concept to bring you hard to find military, aviation and historical collectibles today.